cobalt DREAM Proof Copy

Today I received the first printed version of my graphic novel! It’s hard to fully express all the range of emotions I’m feeling but I will do my best. This copy exceeded my expectations and I see a great improvement in printing quality on KDP. There is absolutely no need for any sort of color correction be done at this point and this is great news. There are still minor changes that I’m going to have to make both to the cover as well as to the interior of the book but nothing major. Since I have never had to deal with bleed in book printing there are minor tweaks I need to do in order to get rid of white edges on some pages. I need to add three more pages in the end to fill up the white space. Also I’m going to get rid of white edge around the cover art as well because with it you can see the imperfections of the final cutting. But those minor changes aside I am so pleased with how the book turned out. I have put so much time and effort into this project, so many days and (mostly) nights that it makes me so happy to finally hold this product of my labor in my hands and realise that it was all worth it. Believe me, I’m working very hard right now to make sure you too will have access to cobalt DREAM in the near future future. Until then I will keep you updated, as always.

I send you love,
Tinted Girl